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Brand Licensing 101

For a brand to really become a mainstay (in a world crowded by millions of brands), brands have figured out a way to mix revenue-generating activities including both manufacturing and licensing. Licensing a brand involves “renting” the brand’s image to manufacturers, so they can create and sell products associated with that image. Those products extend the brand’s reach into new markets, attracting new audiences. And for the brand’s established customer base, their loyalty to the brand only deepens, thanks to the brand’s increased presence.

Licensing, more than anything, cuts through the noise. In today's world, every market feels crowded. Licensing helps a brand stand out among the mass of competitors by providing increased repetition to consumers without added risk by the brand. It stimulates recognition, even in spaces where the brand traditionally hasn’t been.

As licensing continues to evolve, e-commerce remains the biggest untapped space. To create a holistic look for a brand, e-commerce sites are the last spaces brands think of to build up. But in a world that’s shifting more and more online, a robust e-commerce site can be crucial for a brand to expand its reach. Consumers who already know and love the brand will want unique items with that brand’s image – and online is the first place they’ll look. For those who aren’t already familiar with the brand, and who want to learn more or browse products, online is (again) their first stop.

Here at Licensing Haus, we specialize in developing those holistic e-commerce sites. We marry a brand’s unique qualities with an online platform that provides the most space to grow. Drop us a line at to find out more.


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